International Warandecross Tilburg

Sunday 28 november International Warandecross Tilburg.

The Warandecross is probably one of the most prominent cross country races in Europe and is a member of European Athletics Cross Country Permit Meetings.
It is organized by the local organizing committee under the auspices of the Dutch Athletics Federation. Traditionally, strong competition at European level is guaranteed, largely because of the date at which the Warandecross takes place. This (European) race takes place a few weeks before the European Athletics Cross Country Championships.

Time schedule :

The total timetable from the event can be find here….

Limited participation :

  • To enter the Men’s Gala race the limit will be set within 29:30 minutes on the 10k.
  • For Men Under 23, the limit is set at 30:00 minutes.
  • For Women the limit will be set within: 16:30 minutes on the 5k.
  • For Women Under 23, the limit is set at 17:00 minutes.

Legal documents :

In the International Warandecross Tilburg only European country athletes can participate. Only athletes with an European passport or long term residence permit are allowed (at our invitation) to enter the race.

Track and organization :

The track at which the race takes place, in the beautiful surrounding of Tilburg University, offers you a challenging place for your competition. The track includes grass parts, muddy pools, tough hillocks, but also some wider lanes at which you can overtake your competitor!

Here you can watch the video of the 2019 men’s race.

Contact and registration :

If you are interested in participating in our race, please contact the athlete manager of the International Warandecross Tilburg Frans Heffels at Be sure to include a short CV with your most recent results.

Results in past years:

In the past years we had great European top Athletes that win the senior gala races.
You can find them here…..

We wish you all the best in your preparation for the upcoming cross-country season and hope to welcome you in Tilburg.

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